Broadcast Your Awesomeness™

If you are seeking DuGoodr clarification, this list is a good start:

Seriously, what is DuGoodr all about?

We honestly believe we can help make the world a better place.

There are so many awesome people who already give back, why not help them broadcast that awesomeness?  DuGoodr is just that. A platform that helps Volunteers and Causes do even more while inspiring others.

Can anyone who volunteers, anywhere, register for free?

Yes, anyone who thinks they are a DuGoodr can register for the site. Its free! Ideally you have a Facebook account for super simple login… but if you don’t thats ok too, and you can setup a profile from scratch.

By adding Group Causes, does that help market them in Google?

Absolutely. By adding, joining, and inviting friends to the causes you support, you are actively helping boost their popularity while ‘automagically’ helping them be more easily found online in google searches with ratings, activity and more.

DuGoodr are the geeks supporting all the technical stuff behind the scenes to make You and your Causes much more SEO present online.

(Its about time important Causes were front and center, right?)

Are you going to offer more tools for Causes?

Yes!  Pleased to say we have a fantastic roadmap with all sorts of interesting things we want to do for Volunteers and the Causes they support.

First things first though, we need to get the word out on DuGoodr and look for your help.

If you have questions about DuGoodr, please email support@dugoodr.com.